Xah's Classical Keyboard Music Listing 🎢

, 1997

This page is a list of some piano music i've listened, along with their midi files are collected here. This list is compiled in the early 1990s, and this webpage is created during 1997. I haven't updated it since. The original intention of compiling this list is for self study of classical music, and also a personal rating for each piece.

The composers are ordered by their birth year. Bach and Liszt have their own page.

The midi files are either public domain, or the author has granted permission for public use. (however, later in this project of collecting midi files during 1998, i may have slacked. If a midi file is yours and you wish to be removed, please let me know.)

Keyboard Music Listing

Supreme Bach γ€šβœ°βœ°βœ°βœ°βœ°γ€›


Soporific Mozart γ€šβœ°γ€›

hammer-clavier Beethoven

beautiful Schubert

mawkish Chopin

botched Schumann

Franz Liszt


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