Songs and Humanity

Collection of songs and music videos, with lyrics analyzed and annotated with attention to language, eyes for humanity. Anthropology, Ethology, Ethnology, and Human Sexuality.

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List of Song Indexes

  1. Rick and Morty Songs
  2. Female Wail Panel Index
  3. A Tale to Tell Songs
  4. Songs: Blood-line Howls and The Ravage of War
  5. Songs: Dance Frenzy
  6. Human Animals and Their Songs
  7. International Songs Panel Index
  8. Prince Songs Panel Index
  9. Piano Music


  1. 歌词看人类 Chinese Songs with Translation
  2. 鄧麗君 Teresa Deng Songs
  3. 王菲 Faye Wong Songs Panel Index
  4. Wartime Shanghai Songs Panel Index

Top Annotated Songs

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