Young Bjork, Weird

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Weird Young Bjork.

Bjork, and Prince, are weirdos. You wonder, if they are just acting or natural. I think it's both. If you are a bit weird, you can control which part of you to show. Bjork and Prince did that.

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Young Bjork
the Sugarcubes - Björk, Television Talk (1988)

Bjork, in 1988! A young bjork. Young girls, and always cute. One thousand times cute.

And, she's talking about cathode ray tube TV. A really silly talk, and interesting too because it doesn't exist anymore.

here's another bjork. Very weird girl. Very weird.

Bjork - Interview Harald Schmidt

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Songs and Humanity

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  2. Mating Heat
  3. Female Wail
  4. Tell Tale
  5. Rick+Morty
  6. Blood-line Howls
  7. Dance Frenzy
  8. Exotic
  9. Prince
  10. 歌观人
  11. 鄧麗君
  12. 王菲 Faye
  13. Wartime Shanghai
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