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Mozart's Turkish March on Drugs 📺

piano duet una mattina at paris train station

Una Mattina at Train Station 📺

David Bowie 1947 – 2016

David Bowie died, on Jan 10th. Cancer. ☹

Ground Control to Major Tom, Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong, Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Chopin, Funeral March 📺

Piano Scale Practice; Liszt Transcendental Etude №12 (updated)

beautiful thing. crystal flute Chinese flute — Dizi

Chopin, Prelude Opus 28 Number 24 📺

Liszt Transcendental Etude Number 12

《摇啊摇, 摇到外婆桥》 Chinese Nursery Rhyme〈Grandmas Bridge〉

Lee Tzsche〈Spring〉 (song)

the Philosophy of F�ck Sh�t Stack (from few years ago, if you haven't seen it yet.)

The Little Mermaid〈Poor Unfortunate Souls〉

吉祥三宝 (the Joyous-Treasures)

Sheena Easton〈Strut〉 (80's classic.)

RuPaul 〈I'm Super〉 (South Park song)

鄧麗君 《漫步人生路》

Castrato (Eunuch) Singing

“船兒搖過春水不說話,隨著歌兒劃向夢裡的他. 嘴兒輕輕唱也不說話,水鄉溫柔像那夢裡的畫.” 《船歌》 Boat Song

“微, 风儿啊吹动了我的船帆, 船兒呀隨著微風盪漾” 鄧麗君 《船歌》 Teresa Deng, Boat Song

鄧麗君 《星》 《昴 すばる》 (Teresa Deng, Subaru)

〈the Borderline〉 from〈Macross Plus〉, Meaning of Sultry. “sultry”, describes this song.

Macross Plus〈Pulse〉 (song) (one of the greatest song. repost)

What is a Fugue? So You Want to Write a Fugue

Blonde Redhead〈For The Damage Coda〉

Jennifer Rush〈The Power of Love〉

Elton John〈Nikita〉

Mono 《Ingénue》 (repost)

dizi chinese flute
Chinese flute — Dizi

the Weeknd〈Earned it〉 (Fifty Shades of Grey)

《千年緣》 (Millennial Destiny) (仙劍奇俠傳四 迴夢游仙)

Prince kept removing his songs on the web everywhere. Prince〈Little Red Corvette〉

the tragedy of incest. 周杰倫 《菊花台》 Chrysanthemum Terrace (Curse of the Golden Flower) (updated)

Twin Peaks Theme Songs〈Into the Night〉

〈No Reason To Be Shy〉 (song)

Eurythmics 《Sweet Dreams (are made of this)》

Haute Couture, Arabian Nights, Welcome to My Harem

Caramell〈Caramel Dancing〉

Choi Sung-bong〈Nella Fantasia〉

the most bloody national anthem is French. “Ripped out their mother's breast!” French National Anthem

〈House of Flying Daggers〉〈The Beauty Song〉 《十面埋伏》 《佳人歌》

Shakespeare said, when a loaf of bread has been sliced, it's easier to steal a piece. When a married woman likes a man, there's only one thing on her mind. 〈A Whiter Shade of Pale〉

Russian National Anthem

Hotline Miami OST 《Turf (El Huervo)》

《痴痴的等》 (I Wait For You)

《梨花淚》 (Tears of Pear Blossom)


鳳飛飛 (1953 – 2012). 死了. 《雪花片片》

葉蒨文 《晚风》 (Night Breeze)

A Tale to Tell Songs (index)

〈House of the Rising Sun〉

Classical Piano Music In Movies

young black girls culture study. Cherish〈Do It To It〉

Funny Chinese song for gamers, dota. The fun lies in the lyrics. 《the do塔》

Bonnie Tyler〈Total Eclipse of the Heart〉

《將愛實現》 邰正宵 & 王菲

《冰雪奇缘》文言版 Disney〈Frozen〉〈Let it Go〉 in Chinese

Disney〈Frozen〉, Idina Menzel〈Let it Go〉

Michael Jackson〈The Way You Make Me Feel〉

Michael Jackson〈Billie Jean〉

鄧麗君 《你可知道我爱谁》 (Do You Know Who I Love)

鄧麗君 《晶晶》 (Jing1 Jing1)

美少女战士 《月光舞曲》 Sailor Moon Theme Song

Gwen Stefani〈Hollaback Girl〉

The Star-Spangled Banner, US National Anthem

《北京欢迎你》 (Beijing Welcomes You)

鄧麗君 《晨光下的恋情》 (Twilight Love)

The meaning of Infatuation: Donna Summer ⭐〈I Feel Love〉

Faye Wong〈Eyes on Me〉 (Final Fantasy VIII Song)


Llorando〈Crying〉 in〈Mulholland Drive〉

纪晓君 《彩虹》 (Rainbow)

请你不要哭 请你不要哭 我也和你一样孤独 寂寞伴我到日暮 快乐的更在迢遥路 鄧麗君 《再会吧!十七岁》 (Goodbye, Seventeen)

T-ara〈Bo Peep Bo Peep〉; 王彩樺 《保庇》

Moloko〈Fun For Me〉

Caramell〈Caramel Dancing〉

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