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So You Want to Write a Fugue

《Gould's composition: So You Want to Write a Fugue?》
So you want to write a fugue?
You've got the urge to write a fugue,
You've got the nerve to write a fugue,
So go ahead and write a fugue that we can sing.

Pay no heed to what we've told you,
Give no mind to what we've told you.
Just forget all that we've told you,
And the theory that you've read.
For the only way to write one,
Is just to plunge right in and write one.
So just forget the rules and write one,
Have a try, yes, try to write a fugue.

So just ignore the rules and try,
And the fun of it will get you,
And the joy of it will fetch you,
It's a pleasure that is bound to satisfy.
So why not have a try?
You'll decide that John Sebastian,
Must have been a very personable guy.

But never be clever for the sake of being clever,
For a canon in inversion is a dangerous diversion
And a bit of augmentation is a serious temptation
While a stretto diminution is an obvious solution
Never be clever for the sake of being clever
For the sake of showing off.

It's rather awesome, isn't it?
And when you've finished writing it,
I think you'll find a great joy in it (hope so)…
Well, nothing ventured nothing gained they say…
But still it is rather hard to start.
Let us try.

Right now?
We're going to write a fugue right now!

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