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Human Animals and Their Songs. From which, the guts are deciphered.

How to Read Music Sheet

Survey of Chinese Musical Instruments

闪光少女 (Our Shining Days), Cosplay Culture, and Chinese vs Western Music

survey of Chinese musical instruments. Each video hand picked, so you can clearly hear their timber in general, modern Western ones (as in orchestra) are better. More pleasing timber, sonorous, louder. (page updated. refresh browser)

權御天下 (Sun Quan The Emperor)

Chinese Pop Girls Group


Girls, emanating sexuality, radiating heat. Regardless Eastern or Western culture. Except Middle East.

SING girl group. Sing 女團-寄明月MV(舞蹈版)

Note: the all young girls, pretty, cute, teen idols, group, rose in stardom popularity in Korea and Japan. (not sure which is first) What characterize such group is all young girls, usually 5, pretty, and singing low-skill teen songs, do synchronized dances. Now, China is following up.

Camila Cabello - “Havana” ft. Young Thug

Macross Plus “Voices” (updated)

a beautiful girl, somewhere far away, sung this song, a cappella.

Liszt, Canzone

Bach, Goldberg Variations

Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Fugue № 4

asian girl sing xmas jingo bells 51089.mp4

《新套马杆》 (Horse Catcher) (now English translation)

the classic 90s female wailing

James Brown “It's a Man's World”

The Zombies - “Time Of The Season”

Queen - “Bohemian Rhapsody” now, best piano cover

hottest pianist on stage with hooker skirt

Yuja Wang walks on the rythm of the claps !...

she's a top pianist. What you gonna do?

六字真言頌 six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra “Om mani padme hum”

if you are a devout Buddhist, this is what you listen to. They are singing in Mongolian. The text on the side is Mongolian.


Chinese version began at 9:00

Wikipedia say:

网上的渣渣,《上海滩》 英文翻译没好的。还是要看李杀的。

《上海滩》 The Bund (of Shanghai)

Evolution of Music (1680 AD - 2017)

Gwen Stefani - “What You Waiting For”

Acoustic Piano's Harmonic Sound Isolated

“Piano Sounds Never Heard Before!”

Fantastic Dilapidated Piano Play

B Who I Want 2 B

Rachmaninoff Moment Musicaux Opus 16 № 4

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Yoko Kanno - “Moon” (Song from Turn A Gundam) (updated)

Electro Dance Music, MPIA3

Lali - “Boomerang”

《我的楼兰》 (My LouLan)

Puddles Pity Party

《初恋女》 (Maiden Love) (updated.)

Bronski Beat - “Smalltown Boy” (new video added)

Interview with a Vampire, Lestat Sonata (updated)

Liszt, Canzone

Liszt, Years of Pilgrimage (now complete)

Vera Lynn “We'll Meet Again” (apropos)

《蔓莉》 Manli (old Chinese song, 1943)

Blondie - “Rapture” (repost)

The Last Kind Word Blues (remember, everybody needs love.)

Björk - “Bachelorette”

Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire

Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

The Little Mermaid - “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (updated)

Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element (a new singer of the inhuman song.)

Macross Plus “Voices”

Macross Plus “the Borderline” (updated with video)

Rain Man soundtrack, all songs are great. Belle Stars - “Iko Iko”

Jefferson Airplane - “Bear Melt”

Koop - “Strange Love”

Grace - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: Piano Duet

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Just The Right Amount of Wrong

Initial D - “Heartbeat”

王菲 《匆匆那年》 (That Fleeting Year)

萧亚轩 - “And I Know” (song) (old Chinese song. Video update)

Snake River Conspiracy - “Love Song”

Snake River Conspiracy - “You And Your Friend” (updated with original)

“Slow Mover” by Louise Alenius

如果邪惡 是華麗殘酷的樂章,
它的終場 我會 親手寫上。
晨曦的光 風乾最後一行憂傷,
黑色的墨 染上安詳。

if evil, is the grandeur of cruelty
i would personally compose the finale
morning light, dried the last line of anguish
black ink dyes tranquility

song of the day. Jay Chou, currently the biggest pop star in East Asia. 周杰倫 《夜的第七章》 “Twilight's Chapter 7”

鄧麗君 《南海姑娘》 (The Tropics Sea Girl) (updated video)

蕭孋珠 《詩意》 (Poetic Yearning) (updated video)

they say, music is the soul of humanity. in a song, it's not just music. It's history, linguistics, ethology, ethnology, and anthropology!

Jane Zhang - “Dust My Shoulders Off”

王菲 《容易受傷的女人》 (Fragile Woman) (updated video and translation)

《新套马杆》 (Horse Catcher)

《你牛什么牛》 (You Niu What Niu)

媚毛 May Mow 《醉在你懷中》 《秋夜月圓:憶白光周璇》 Remembering Bai Guang and Zhou Xuan


眼波帶醉 慢慢流動
櫻桃小嘴 火般殷紅
細語耳邊 輕輕相送
美酒情意 一般濃


《上海滩》 The Bund (of Shanghai)

刀郎 《西海情歌》 (West Sea Love Song)

Hotline Miami OST “Turf (El Huervo)” (full soundtrack added)

Prince Songs Panel Index

Prince, all Purple Rain Songs

Drummer Steals the Show

Irma - “Save Me”

Big Gigantic - “The Little Things” ft. Angela McCluskey

Twin Peaks Theme Songs - “Into the Night”. We have, saw sawing saw.


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