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Dr Strangelove. War. Vera Lynn ⭐〈We'll Meet Again〉 🎶

Piano Music: Amen the Awakening 📺

王菲 ⭐〈光之翼〉 (Wings of Light) 🎶

DJ Sharpnel ⭐〈Blue Army〉 (Song from Dance Dance Revolution) 🎶

Smile.dk ⭐〈Butterfly〉 (Song from Dance Dance Revolution) 🎶

I'm hot as a fire burning bright I feel as empty as air.
Distractions and spirit find me floating in a magnetic sea.

revisiting Blondie ⭐〈Magic〉 🎶

Japanese Folk Song 〈Asadoya Yunta〉 🎶

Do nations go to war over woman? Sure. Men do. In highschool, in tribes, in kingdoms, gangsters. 🎶 Sheena Easton ⭐〈Strut〉 🎶

Dreary, dismal, depressing — small. Portishead ⭐〈Small〉 (song) 🎶

VNV Nation  doll face  Andrew Huang

VNV Nation ⭐〈Illusion〉 🎶

Mozart's Turkish March on Drugs

Yuja Wang plays Turkish March

〈Nights in White Satin〉 🎶 for a nice Sunday. Cuz i ♥ u. Yes i ♥ u. O how i ♥ u.

Radiohead ⭐〈Creep〉 🎶 (updated)

body language explained. Observe their looking and observation. Anya Marina ⭐〈Whatever You Like〉 〈Gossip Girl〉 🎶

Portishead ⭐〈Roads〉 🎶

those who enjoy abusive lover, the question is, to leave or not to leave? Portishead ⭐〈The Rip〉 🎶

i wish to bore myself, a task drear and dear,
of bearing naked girls; bodily toil and moil.
in that i learn contact, of flesh and humanity.
and meditate the heavy duty, of men and eternity.

Elf Song, Elfen Lied, Lilium, 妖精的旋律, エルフェンリート 🎶

黄鶯鶯 ⭐〈哭沙〉 (Weeping Sand) 🎶

美少女战士 〈月光舞曲〉 Sailor Moon Theme Song, Chinese Version 🎶

美少女战士 〈月光舞曲〉 Sailor Moon Theme Song, Japanese Version 🎶

Xah Music Blog Archive 2013-08 〜 2013-08

Chiptune, Fugue, Pure Music

The Star-Spangled Banner, US National Anthem 🎶 (major update)

the meaning of life: Infographics Porn: Röyksopp ⭐〈Remind Me〉 🎶

ABBA ⭐〈Fernado〉 🎶

孟庭葦 ⭐〈你看你看月亮的臉〉 (look! look! the moon's face) 🎶

the blushing rose shyly blooms,
little by little emitting her feelings for me.
the hand of spring reads her anticipation,
i dithered over whether to pick.

孟庭苇 ⭐〈羞答答的玫瑰静悄悄的开〉 (The Blushing Rose Shyly Blooms) 🎶

“Feel your soul cut by a rusty knife, as you head for the self-destructive edge.” Macross Plus: Sharon Apple ⭐〈Information High〉 🎶

Augustness, Austerity, the Pain, the Suffering: 4 Piano Pieces to Die For (repost)

A rapture in pain. “Cry boy, cry, cry boy, cry, cry boy” Bronski Beat ⭐〈Smalltown Boy〉 🎶

Xah Music Blog Archive 2013-04 〜 2013-07

while you were in jail, i've been taking care of your wife.

college electric youth  a real hero  drive

〈A Real Hero〉— Movie 〈Drive〉 Theme Song 🎶

鄧麗君 ⭐〈胭脂泪〉 (Rouge Tears) 🎶

A grassroots story of men & women. A eternal classic. Be sure to check the ending seqence, starting at 3:00. A kinda philosophical gesture. Black Eyed Peas ⭐〈My Humps〉 🎶

Portishead ⭐〈Glory Box〉 🎶

孟庭苇 ⭐〈谁的眼泪在飞〉 (Tears Fleet) 🎶

James Brown ⭐〈It's a Man's World〉 🎶

美少女战士 〈月光舞曲〉 Sailor Moon Theme Song 🎶

“绿草苍苍,白雾茫茫,有位佳人,在水一方。绿草萋萋,白雾迷离,有位佳人,靠水而居。” 鄧麗君 ⭐〈在水一方〉 🎶

〈天涯歌女〉 (The Wandering Songstress) 🎶

未識綺羅香 (A Poor Girl) 🎶

葉蒨文 ⭐〈晚风〉 (Night Breeze) 🎶

Xah Music Blog Archive 2013-03

this soothes my brain.

Nicki Minaj - Lookin Ass (Explicit)

Macross Plus ⭐〈Pulse〉 (song) 🎶

If you don't have a mom, this song is for you. 鄧麗君 ⭐〈晶晶〉 (Jing1 Jing1) 🎶

Visions of swastikas in my head, Plans for everyone.

David Bowie ⭐〈China Girl〉 🎶

Portishead ⭐〈Machine Gun〉 (Song) 🎶

〈初恋女〉 (Maiden Love) 🎶

〈The Swordsman〉 笑傲江湖,滄海一聲笑 🎶 (updated)

三年二班 (Class Ping Pong) 🎶

Eurythmics ⭐〈the King and Queen of America〉 🎶

I don't know if this is morning
I don't know if this is night
I see no clouds
I see no lights

It is dark
It is grim
You had me waiting here

〈痴痴的等〉 (I Wait For You) 🎶

ODB ⭐〈Maybe I Got Your Money〉 🎶

林子祥 & 葉蒨文 ⭐〈乾一杯〉 (A Toast to Friendship) 🎶

the last war ∀ FOR ALL. EPIC❕ Yoko Kanno ⭐〈Moon〉 (Song from ∀ Gundam) (∀(ターンエー)ガンダム) 🎶 Yoko Kanno ⭐〈Moon〉 (Song from Turn A Gundam) 🎶

ABBA ⭐〈Dancing Queen〉 🎶 (updated)

“an endless wave of affection, undulates like the waters of summer. It arrived at your side, have you felt it? If you need the nourishment of love, hesitate no more.” 🎶 周璇 ⭐〈诉衷情〉 (Grievances of Love) 🎶

Attention Deficit Disorder: Sail ⭐〈AWOLNATION〉 🎶

Snake River Conspiracy ⭐〈You And Your Friend〉 🎶

Mono ⭐〈Ingénue〉 🎶

sunday pessimism rapture

I'm a fountain of blood, in the shape of a girl. you're bird on the brim, hypnotized by the whirl. Björk ⭐〈Bachelorette〉 🎶 Björk ⭐〈Bachelorette〉 🎶

the word “unamerican” is American. David Bowie ⭐〈Young Americans〉 🎶 David Bowie ⭐〈Young Americans〉 🎶

how to impress a girl? Radiohead ⭐〈Creep〉 🎶

real human race 〈A Real Hero〉— Movie 〈Drive〉 Theme Song 🎶

Opened the doorway and saw through the light. Motions of movement and I felt delight. then, it's metal in my mouth. Portishead ⭐〈Small〉 (song) 🎶

Björk ⭐〈Bachelorette〉 🎶 (updated)

“I'm hot as a fire burning bright I feel as empty as air” Blondie ⭐〈Magic〉 🎶

Faye Wong ⭐〈Eyes on Me〉 (Final Fantasy VIII Song) 🎶 (updated)

Frozen 85 queen Elsa
queen Elsa

Disney 〈Frozen〉, Idina Menzel ⭐〈Let it Go〉 🎶

Lady Gaga, teary eyes

Lady Gaga  Bad Romance  teary eyes
Lady Gaga, teary eyes

Lady Gaga ⭐〈Bad Romance〉; 王彩樺 ⭐〈鋩鋩角角〉 🎶

黄鶯鶯 ⭐〈哭沙〉 (Weeping Sand) 🎶 (updated again)

Cute Girls Singing Adele's 〈Rolling in the Deep〉 🎶 (updated)

finding a mate, the most pesky problem after security. Here's the origin of “all men are rapists”. ABBA ⭐〈The Day Before You Came〉 🎶

鄧麗君 ⭐〈胭脂泪〉 (Rouge Tears) 🎶 (updated)

Joey Dyser ⭐〈100 years〉 🎶 (updated)

Rihanna ⭐〈Stay〉 🎶

ODB ⭐〈Maybe I Got Your Money〉 🎶

Rihanna ⭐〈S & M〉 🎶

Piano: 〈High Hopes〉 Pink Floyd 📺

The Star-Spangled Banner, US National Anthem 🎶 (video updated)

〈The Grandmaster〉 The Opera Fight Scene 一代宗師,八卦对詠春 📺

蕭孋珠 ⭐〈詩意〉 (Poetic Yearning) 🎶

Sound of a siren. 黄鶯鶯 ⭐〈哭沙〉 (Weeping Sand) 🎶

the Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element 🎶 (included music sheet)

House of Flying Daggers 〈The Beauty Song〉 (十面埋伏 〈佳人歌〉) 🎶

A brainless wonder. ♥ ♥ ♥ Peaches ⭐〈F�ck the Pain Away〉 🎶

“i hope that it's a beautiful woman, with endowments, you'll never possess.” 〈Interview With the Vampire〉 See Classical Piano Music In Movies 🎶

Murray Head ⭐〈One Night in Bangkok〉 🎶

Dusty Springfield ⭐〈the Windmills of Your Mind〉 🎶

王菲 ⭐〈传奇〉 (Faye Wong ⭐〈Legend〉) 🎶 (added English lyrics)

Smile.dk ⭐〈Butterfly〉 (Song from Dance Dance Revolution) 🎶

sweet dreams are made of cheese
sweet dreams are made of cheese

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 🎶

Rihanna ⭐〈Stay〉 ft. Mikky Ekko

here's a song, about uncertainty. Question: Who cares when something is uncertain? Answer: When the context is critical, such as love.

Pixies ⭐〈Where is My Mind〉 🎶

Madonna ⭐〈American Life〉 🎶

A twist of love,
Gives us H8,
A poison of midnight,
A dementia in space.

Midnight Poison ⭐〈Space Dementia〉 📺 Eva Green

Childhood Memories: Japanese Cartoons of 1970s: 小蜜蜂,小甜甜,海王子,北海小英雄,小天使,小英的故事,無敵鐵金剛,科學小飛俠,恐龍救生隊

王菲 ⭐〈棋子〉 (A Game Piece) 🎶 (updated)

prince kiss song screenshot 30875
Prince & Wendy Melvoin

This defines the word “funky”. Watch the caper and caprice, prance and tug — a play of youthful love birds.

Prince ⭐〈Kiss〉 🎶

the Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element 🎶


Jefferson Airplane ⭐〈White Rabbit〉 🎶

Chinese National Anthem 🎶

eternal classic. dark. Eagles ⭐〈Hotel California〉 🎶

the ninja dance. Classic wanting of human female. Bonnie Tyler ⭐〈Total Eclipse of the Heart〉 🎶

Haute Couture, Arabian Nights, Welcome to My Harem 🎶

a song of serenity & courage. 黄鶯鶯 ⭐〈讓愛自由〉 (Let Love Roam) 🎶

萧亚轩 ⭐〈And I Know〉 (song) 🎶 (updated)

Rammstein music video children-3
A view to the wilderness of human animals. Rammstein ⭐〈Engel〉 (song) 🎶

But we decide which is right, And which is an illusion. Moody Blues ⭐〈Nights in White Satin〉 🎶

The tenderness and the verve, the slovenliness and the finesse. Madonna ⭐〈Don't Cry For Me Argentina〉 🎶

Trainspotting: Life is like a box of chocolates, you just get ones made of sh�t. Bedrock ⭐〈For What You Dream Of〉 (Trainspotting) 🎶

Billy Idol ⭐〈Sweet Sixteen〉 🎶. Note: it's sweet 16, not sweet 18, 21. Nor sweet 30, 40.

王菲 & 屠洪綱 ⭐〈愛人〉 (My Love) 🎶 (updated)

“With your feet in the air and your head on the ground. Try this trick and spin it, yeah.” Pixies ⭐〈Where is My Mind〉 🎶

Augustness, Austerity, the Pain, the Suffering: 4 Piano Pieces to Die For

best hacker song of the century. Macross Plus: Sharon Apple ⭐〈Information High〉 🎶 (updated)