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Louise Alenius ♪ Slow Mover

Llorando, Mulholland Drive ♪

Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Fugue #8

Yoko Kanno ♪ Moon (Gundam)

Billy Idol's 63 now. Apparently he's touring. here's his Sweet Sixteen (1987) when he's 32. Billy Idol ♪ Sweet Sixteen Note here, it's sweet 16, not sweet 18, 21. Nor sweet 30, 40.

Billy Idol - Mony Mony

you watch it, with respect to human history, you see he's a entertainer. Entertainers, some become stars, and, they wither with time in waves of generations.


Andy Lau 刘德华 - 男人哭吧哭吧不是罪

梅艳芳死了。邓丽君也死了。張國榮也死。总觉得台湾香港人唱歌比美国人厉害。台湾香港唱歌靠声音,真功夫。美国歌王歌后一般是什么摇滚或金属,喊喊叫叫,或其他搞花样,比方 Madonna,Britney Spears 或 Lady Gaga (或周杰伦)。声音厉害的少(如Michael Jackson)。

The Swordsman 笑傲江湖,滄海一聲笑

What Happens to Piano Music If Human Have 10 Hands?

Elihu Vedder - The Pleiades  1885-s310x202
鄧麗君 《星》 (Teresa Deng, Subaru)

鄧麗君 《船歌》 Teresa Deng, Boat Song

boat long v9kkg cqpjh-2
《船歌》 Boat Song
my humps 20140824 100055-s288x217
Black Eyed Peas ♪ My Humps

Ol' Dirty Bastard ♪ Got Your Money

hot korean

2016-05-05 연천 구석기축제 홍진영 - 엄지 척 by 수원촌놈 Song Thumb Up (엄지 척), sung by Hong Jinyoung (홍진영)

Moody Blues ♪ Nights in White Satin

House of the Rising Sun

Robert Crumb  remember everybody needs love
The Last Kind Word Blues
Death of Joseph Bara by Jacques-Louis David 96339-s288x217
Bach, Marcello, BWV 974

Jefferson Airplane ♪ Bear Melt

Tennessee Ernie Ford - 16 Tons
“Bolero” by Ravel. Piano version improvised by Composer Pianist Peter Vamos

Sexual Anthropology in Carly Simon's “You're So Vain”

there is a fantastic song in this great video on cat behavior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VkVlYIbMP4

any know the song? the description says “Cherry in my Cocktail by the fantastic L and L Music (c) 2013” with a YouTube link, but the video is gone and i can't find the song anywhere.

Chopin, Funeral March

Street Pianist Natalie Trayling - Among the People

she so cute

Yannie Tan plays the Cat Concerto - Tom and Jerry - Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 by Franz Liszt

Interview with a Vampire, Lestat Sonata

ravel's bolero on a real piano. hear the tension.

“Bolero” by Ravel. Piano version improvised by Composer Pianist Peter Vamos
Peter Vamos
Published on May 3, 2010

Bach, Goldberg Variations

fuck eminem. puny white idiot with no bass no power.

also note that rap is a degenerate form of singing. It requires much less skill. rap from blacks is analogous to formation of white's heavy metal. they, reflect the loss of structure of society.

Sign Language Rap

Glenn Gould plays Bach. This, a mad genius. extremely weird guy. watch at 1:00. (begin at 0:55). Also, watch starting at 4:52. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mia9woisQZo

Bach, Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor

黃妃 追追追


 千江水 千江月 千里帆 千重山 千里江山 我最水
萬里月 萬里城 萬里愁 萬里煙 萬里風霜 我最妖嬌

什麼款ㄟ殺氣 什麼款ㄟ角色 什麼款ㄟ梟雄 迫阮策馬墜風塵
什麼款ㄟ愛情 什麼款ㄟ墜落 什麼款ㄟ溫柔

後阮日夜攏想你 很久以前 狼主的傳說 如今狼煙再起
很久以前 狼主的傳說 如今狼煙再起 啊 追 追 追

追著你ㄟ心 追著你ㄟ人 追著你ㄟ情 追著你ㄟ無講理
啊 煩 煩 煩 煩過這世人 心肝如蔥蔥 找無酒來澆 嚥氣啦

麥擱那麼大聲對我說話 啊 亂 亂 亂
女人ㄟ心 豆腐做ㄟ 為你破碎 任由針底劃


千江水 千江月 千里帆 千重山 千里江山 我最水
萬里月 萬里城 萬里愁 萬里煙 萬里風霜 我最妖嬌

什麼款ㄟ殺氣 什麼款ㄟ角色 什麼款ㄟ梟雄 迫阮策馬墜風塵
什麼款ㄟ愛情 什麼款ㄟ墜落 什麼款ㄟ溫柔

後阮日夜攏想你 很久以前 狼主的傳說 如今狼煙再起
很久以前 狼主的傳說 如今狼煙再起 啊 追 追 追

追著你ㄟ心 追著你ㄟ人 追著你ㄟ情 追著你ㄟ無講理
啊 煩 煩 煩 煩過這世人 心肝如蔥蔥 找無酒來澆 嚥氣啦

麥擱那麼大聲對我說話 啊 亂 亂 亂
女人ㄟ心 豆腐做ㄟ 為你破碎 任由針底劃

啊 追 追 追

追著你ㄟ心 追著你ㄟ人 追著你ㄟ情 追著你ㄟ無講理
啊 煩 煩 煩 煩過這世人 心肝如蔥蔥 找無酒來澆 嚥氣啦

麥擱那麼大聲對我說話 啊 亂 亂 亂
女人ㄟ心 豆腐做ㄟ 為你破碎 任由針底劃

《雪中紅》 (A Rose in Snow)

《记事本》 陈慧琳 (Notebook)

鄧麗君 《但願人長久》

鄧麗君 《你可知道我爱谁》 (Do You Know Who I Love)

鄧麗君 《晶晶》 (Teresa Teng, Jing Jing)

Bjork  Cocoon ry6pb
Björk ♪ Cocoon

James Bond Songs

Sungbong Choi ♪ Nella Fantasia (updated)

Elfen Lied ♪ Lilium (updated again)

仰阿莎 阿哥阿妹 (Ah Ge Ah Mei)

Keanu Silva - Fine Day (Extended Mix)
overwatch fake gamer girl th4m8
OVERWATCH: No Mercy - The Living Tombstone

new group nav box

歌观人 Chinese Songs with Translation

梅豔芳《似是故人來》 (Return)

愛江山更愛美人 (The Bold and the Beautiful)

SING 女團 寄明月

刀郎 《西海情歌》 (West Sea Love Song)

王建榮 司徒蘭芳 女人沒有錯

《我的楼兰》 (My Loulan)

M.I.A. ♪ Paper Planes

#xahmusic of the day. 愛江山更愛美人 (The Bold and the Beautiful) what a translation of the title. perfect. would be hard to translate the lyrics.

《新套马杆》 (Horse Catcher)

Death Proof lapdance scene 2019-01-01 29173-s383x163-2
Down in Mexico
reclining buddha ZhangyeDafoSi 2014-01 0b1de-s306x204
Murray Head ♪ One Night in Bangkok

today's #xahmusic is, chinese dance pop 别让眼泪轻易的落下 and the interesting thing is, just what exactly do dj do?

鄧麗君 《南海姑娘》 (The Tropics Sea Girl)

舊夢何處尋, Simon and Garfunkel ♪ El Condor Pasa

鄧麗君 《晨光下的恋情》 (Twilight Love)

Sign Language Rap

Britney Spears ♪ Oops I Did it Again

the supreme science and art of human expression.

now, listen to it again.

Disney “Frozen”, “Let it Go”

See also:

Jessica Rabbit “Why Don't You Do Right”

Bach, Art of the Fugue

花样的年华 (Age of Blossom)

周璇 《真善美》 (Truth, Virtue, Beauty)

Drummer Stole the Show

苏武牧羊 (Su Wu Mu Yang)

鄧麗君 《海韵》 Rhythm of the Wave

Chaos Chaos ♪ Do You Feel It?

《上海滩》 The Bund (of Shanghai) updated

these days one can learn anything on YouTube. here's a interesting channel on music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AibHJB_jlBI from her accent, i think she's American born. (as side note. i note these because they give a lot info about the person's views.)

i used to goto library everyday in the 90s. In encyclopedia, when they mention mathematician, note they usually give country of birth, and education. Same is FBI profile on people. you might wonder why? cuz, actually, these info are critical, in knowing where the “person came from” (that's english idiom btw)

Piano Key Frequency and Micro Tuning

陳淑樺 《問》 (Questions About Love) updated

王菲 《彼岸花》 (Flower of Paradise) 曼珠沙华的故事 updated

a tinge of sadness seizes

a tinge of sadness seizes
impinging on my nerves
dunno chemistry or humanity
the wound won't heal
the piss needs to get out

Lana Del Rey ♪ Lolita

in this twilight of Sunday, the #xahmusic of the day is: Liszt, Years of Pilgrimage This piano piece, is not your easy listening classical. The content is, mystic, picaresque, epic poems of SUFFERING.

#xahmusic and poetry the day. The warmth of cyberspace, pulsating for your heart.

王菲 《光之翼》 (Wings of Light)

Michael Jackson ♪ Billie Jean

Macross Plus “Pulse”

#xahmusic of the day: Macross Plus “Pulse”

The song is mostly spoken, in somewhat unintelligible English, with background humming and a male voice chanting. the Macross Plus, is the best music album. Genuine creative music. but rarely known.

when you tired of coding, let the Sailor Moon rescue you

  1. Sailor Moon (American version)
  2. Sailor Moon (Japanese Version)
  3. Sailor Moon (Chinese version)

“while you were in jail, i've been taking care of your wife.”

“A Real Hero”, Movie “Drive”

Murray Head ♪ One Night in Bangkok

闪光少女 (Our Shining Days), Cosplay Culture, and Chinese vs Western Music

黄鶯鶯 《讓愛自由》 (Let Love Roam)

#xahmusic of the day. lyrics appreciation time!

黄鶯鶯 《天使之戀》 (Angel Love)

The serene, wondrous, mystic, cosmetic angle takes you over.

Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta [Explicit]

“Visions of swastikas in my head, Plans for everyone.” David Bowie ♪ China Girl

David Bowie ♪ Life on Mars

The world will love you for your music, but, that's all it'll love you for.

Don Juan Triumphant

#xahmusic Saturday
Those who have seen the needle's eye, now tread
Like a husk, from which all that was, now has fled
And the masks, that the monsters wear
To feed, upon their prey

Portishead ♪ Wandering Stars. God's words demystified. Portishead ♪ Wandering Stars

Yoko Kanno ♪ Moon (Gundam)

the war to end all war. The Last War.

梅豔芳《似是故人來》 (Return)

David Bowie ♪ Young Americans

Radiohead ♪ Creep

“Shake that Ass” from “Rick and Morty”

Daisy Bell in “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Mazzy Star - “Look on Down from the Bridge” from “Rick and Morty”

Cigarettes After Sex ♪ I'm a Firefighter

Mazzy Star ♪ Flowers in December

Hotline Miami OST “Turf (El Huervo)”

The history of the relation of male and female human animals. Pig man saving spaghetti girl!

《雪中紅》 (A Rose in Snow)

Tez Cadey ♪ Seve

#xahmusic of the day. Mongolian girls shuffle dance. Girls, the joys of life, and center of humanity. Does any know the origin of that clip?


The pedals are scattered; Your smile is fading. Leaving me heartbroken; In my troubled mind. The windy darkness of night; Still holds your shadow. But you are nowhere to be found.

菊花殘,滿地傷,你的笑容已泛黃。花落人斷腸。 我心事靜靜躺。

周杰倫 《菊花台》 Chrysanthemum Terrace

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Jefferson Airplane ♪ Bear Melt

王建榮 司徒蘭芳 女人沒有錯


Nicki Minaj ♪ Lookin Ass

Katy Perry ♪ Last Friday Night

Jefferson Airplane ♪ White Rabbit

Gwen Stefani ♪ What You Waiting For

Bronski Beat ♪ Smalltown Boy

Anya Marina - “Whatever You Like” “Gossip Girl”

James Bond Songs

Rihanna ♪ S&M

Cherish ♪ Do It To It

Raw Spite “I Am On a Boat”

Sign Language Rap

Eagles ♪ Hotel California

Requiem for a Dream Theme Song

“Shake that Ass” from “Rick and Morty”

Darude ♪ Sandstorm

ABBA ♪ Dancing Queen

Snake River Conspiracy ♪ Love Song

Theremin, Musical Instrument Without Touch

六字真言頌 six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra “Om mani padme hum”

Rihanna ♪ Stay

Basshunter, Dota Song

Elfen Lied ♪ Lilium

Dusty Springfield ♪ the Windmills of Your Mind

《再會吧十七歲》 (Bye-Bye Seventeen)

王菲 《開到荼蘼》 (Last Blossom)

Koop ♪ Strange Love

3 Chinese friendship love songs

Louise Alenius ♪ Slow Mover

Lhasa de Sela ♪ Anywhere on this Road

Adele ♪ Rolling in the Deep

葉蒨文 《晚风》 (Night Breeze)

more update. lots updates today.

am slowly reworking the site.

鄧麗君 《海韵》 Rhythm of the Wave

Blonde Redhead - For The Damaged Coda

Blackstreet ♪ No Diggity

Ol' Dirty Bastard ♪ Got Your Money

Andain ♪ Beautiful Things

Mono ♪ Slimcea Girl

Dido ♪ White Flag

Hard in Tango ♪ This is My DJ

Music saturday!

this song is of interest to, polyamorists, word buffs, ethnologists, lgbtq, Mormons + feminists, metrosexuals, goths, hippies, yuppies, and men and Mohammedans.

Snake River Conspiracy ♪ You And Your Friend

O Fortuna

蔡依林 《倒带》 (Rewind)

Young Bjork, Weird

萧亚轩 ♪ “And I Know”

莫文蔚 《左岸 右转》 (Left Bank, Turn Right)

陳淑樺 《問》 (Questions About Love)

Jennifer Rush ♪ The Power of Love

The Weeknd - “Earned it” (Fifty Shades of Grey)

Eurythmics ♪ Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves

Eurythmics ♪ Missionary Man

House of the Rising Sun. A place of dreams, of desperation, pleasure, and business.

House of the Rising Sun

Raspberry Beret

today's lyrics appreciation. American flag nostalgia.

Lana Del Rey ♪ Video Games

泥娃娃 (Mud Doll) (now with translation)

Cherish ♪ Do It To It (updated)

House of Flying Daggers 《十面埋伏》 《佳人歌》

Bach, Cello Suite, BWV 1007

Caramell ♪ Caramel Dancing

美少女战士 《月光舞曲》 Sailor Moon Theme Song, Chinese Version

Elton John ♪ Nikita (updated)

Two Steps From Hell - Star Sky

泥娃娃 (Mud Doll)

Feel It Still

“Cubana” (composed by Tonci Huljic). Starts at 0m44s.

How to Read Music Sheet

Survey of Chinese Musical Instruments

闪光少女 (Our Shining Days), Cosplay Culture, and Chinese vs Western Music

survey of Chinese musical instruments. Each video hand picked, so you can clearly hear their timber in general, modern Western ones (as in orchestra) are better. More pleasing timber, sonorous, louder. (page updated. refresh browser)

權御天下 (Sun Quan The Emperor)

Camila Cabello ♪ Havana

Macross Plus “Voices” (updated)

a beautiful girl, somewhere far away, sung this song, a cappella.

Liszt, Canzone

Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Fugue #4

asian girl sing xmas jingo bells 51089.mp4

《新套马杆》 (Horse Catcher) (now English translation)

the classic 90s female wailing

James Brown “It's a Man's World”

The Zombies ♪ Time Of The Season

Queen ♪ Bohemian Rhapsody now, best piano cover

hottest pianist on stage with hooker skirt

Yuja Wang walks on the rythm of the claps !...

she's a top pianist. What you gonna do?

网上的渣渣,《上海滩》 英文翻译没好的。还是要看李杀的。

《上海滩》 The Bund (of Shanghai)

Evolution of Music (1680 AD - 2017)

Gwen Stefani ♪ What You Waiting For

Acoustic Piano's Harmonic Sound Isolated

“Piano Sounds Never Heard Before!”

Fantastic Dilapidated Piano Play

B Who I Want 2 B

Rachmaninoff Moment Musicaux Opus 16 #4

be my first patreon

now i have a patreon account. be my first patreon. see first post at https://www.patreon.com/xahlee

Yoko Kanno ♪ Moon (Gundam) (updated)

Electro Dance Music, MPIA3

Lali ♪ Boomerang

Puddles Pity Party

《初恋女》 (Maiden Love) (updated.)

Bronski Beat ♪ Smalltown Boy (new video added)

Interview with a Vampire, Lestat Sonata (updated)

Liszt, Canzone

Liszt, Years of Pilgrimage (now complete)

Vera Lynn “We'll Meet Again” (apropos)

《蔓莉》 Manli (old Chinese song, 1943)

Blondie ♪ Rapture (repost)

The Last Kind Word Blues (remember, everybody needs love.)

Björk ♪ Bachelorette

Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire

Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

The Little Mermaid ♪ Poor Unfortunate Souls (updated)

Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element

Macross Plus “Voices”

Macross Plus ♪ the Borderline (updated with video)

Rain Man soundtrack, all songs are great. Belle Stars ♪ Iko Iko

Jefferson Airplane ♪ Bear Melt

Koop ♪ Strange Love

Grace - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: Piano Duet

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Just The Right Amount of Wrong

Initial D ♪ Heartbeat

王菲 《匆匆那年》 (That Fleeting Year)

萧亚轩 ♪ “And I Know” (old Chinese song. Video update)

Snake River Conspiracy ♪ Love Song

Snake River Conspiracy ♪ You And Your Friend (updated with original)

Louise Alenius ♪ Slow Mover

如果邪惡 是華麗殘酷的樂章,
它的終場 我會 親手寫上。
晨曦的光 風乾最後一行憂傷,
黑色的墨 染上安詳。

if evil, is the grandeur of cruelty
i would personally compose the finale
morning light, dried the last line of anguish
black ink dyes tranquility

song of the day. Jay Chou, currently the biggest pop star in East Asia. 周杰倫 《夜的第七章》 “Twilight's Chapter 7”

鄧麗君 《南海姑娘》 (The Tropics Sea Girl) (updated video)

蕭孋珠 《詩意》 (Poetic Yearning) (updated video)

they say, music is the soul of humanity. in a song, it's not just music. It's history, linguistics, ethology, ethnology, and anthropology!

Jane Zhang ♪ Dust My Shoulders Off

王菲 《容易受傷的女人》 (Fragile Woman) (updated video and translation)

《你牛什么牛》 (You Niu What Niu)

媚毛 May Mow 《醉在你懷中》 《秋夜月圓:憶白光周璇》 Remembering Bai Guang and Zhou Xuan


眼波帶醉 慢慢流動
櫻桃小嘴 火般殷紅
細語耳邊 輕輕相送
美酒情意 一般濃


Drummer Stole the Show

Irma ♪ Save Me

Big Gigantic ♪ The Little Things

Twin Peaks Theme Songs ♪ Into the Night. We have, saw sawing saw.

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