Xah Music Blog Archive 2012-01

several updates/addition on Blondie's songs.

Eurythmics ♪ King and Queen of America

Supertramp ♪ the Logical Song

Beautiful old (~1930 to 1960) chinese songs, with poetic lyrics, from a Taiwan variety live show: 《未識綺羅香》 (A Poor Girl).

A new index page of Chinese songs: Chinese Songs, Lyrics and Translation

Dubstep Music + Scifi/Fantasy: Apple Tree: Glitch Mob

Moon from Turn A Gundam.

Yoko Kanno ♪ Moon (Gundam)


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Songs and Humanity

  1. Piano
  2. Mating Heat
  3. Female Wail
  4. Tell Tale
  5. Rick+Morty
  6. Blood-line Howls
  7. Dance Frenzy
  8. Exotic
  9. Prince
  10. 歌观人
  11. 鄧麗君
  12. 王菲 Faye
  13. Wartime Shanghai
  14. Misc
  15. Blog