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張清芳, 費玉清, 唱中国台湾区的歌。哈哈。欣赏一下。 未識綺羅香 (A Poor Girl)

Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream
Jennifer Connelly in - “Requiem for a Dream”. Buy at amazon

hooker is the look, somber is the music. Requiem for a Dream Theme Song.

Midnight Poison ♪ Space Dementia

why are single moms protective of her child and step-parents are bad? “A Real Hero”, Movie “Drive” Theme Song

past glory. Xah Music Blog Archive 2013-01

archived. Xah Music Blog Archive 2012-11

Portishead ♪ Elysium

Xah Music Blog Archive 2012-08

“Solveig's song” by méav. Buy at amazon

this song is part of the music of the play Peer Gynt (Grieg)

(via Tom Novelli)

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