Xah Music Blog Archive 2014-01

“I'm hot as a fire burning bright I feel as empty as air” Blondie ♪ Magic

Faye Wong - Eyes on Me, Final Fantasy VIII (updated)

Frozen 85 queen Elsa
queen Elsa

Disney “Frozen”, “Let it Go”

Lady Gaga, teary eyes

Lady Gaga  Bad Romance  teary eyes
Lady Gaga, teary eyes

Lady Gaga ♪ Bad Romance

黄鶯鶯 《哭沙》 (Weeping Sand) (updated again)

Adele ♪ Rolling in the Deep (updated)

finding a mate, the most pesky problem after security. Here's the origin of “all men are rapists”. ABBA ♪ The Day Before You Came

鄧麗君 《胭脂泪》 (Rouge Tears) (updated)

Joey Dyser ♪ 100 Years (updated)

Rihanna ♪ Stay

Ol' Dirty Bastard ♪ Got Your Money

Rihanna ♪ S&M

Piano: “High Hopes” Pink Floyd

US National Anthem (video updated)

“The Grandmaster” The Opera Fight Scene 一代宗師,八卦对詠春

蕭孋珠 《詩意》 (Poetic Yearning)

Sound of a siren. 黄鶯鶯 《哭沙》 (Weeping Sand)

Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element (included music sheet)

House of Flying Daggers - “The Beauty Song” (十面埋伏 《佳人歌》)

A brainless wonder. ♥ ♥ ♥ Peaches ♪ Fuck the Pain Away

“i hope that it's a beautiful woman, with endowments, you'll never possess.” - “Interview With the Vampire” See Classical Piano Music In Movies

Murray Head ♪ One Night in Bangkok

Dusty Springfield ♪ the Windmills of Your Mind