Xah Music Blog Archive 2014-08

黄鶯鶯 《哭沙》 (Weeping Sand)

美少女战士 《月光舞曲》 Sailor Moon Theme Song, Chinese Version

美少女战士 《月光舞曲》 Sailor Moon Theme Song, Japanese Version

Xah Music Blog Archive 2013-08

Chiptune, Fugue, Pure Music

The Star-Spangled Banner, US National Anthem (major update)

the meaning of life: Röyksopp ♪ Remind Me

ABBA ♪ Fernando

孟庭葦 《你看你看月亮的臉》 (look! the moon's face)

the blushing rose shyly blooms,
little by little emitting her feelings for me.
the hand of spring reads her anticipation,
i dithered over whether to pick.

孟庭苇 《羞答答的玫瑰静悄悄的开》 (Blushing Rose Shyly Blooms)

“Feel your soul cut by a rusty knife, as you head for the self-destructive edge.” Macross Plus “Information High”

Augustness, Austerity, Pain and Suffering: 4 Piano Pieces to Die For (repost)

A rapture in pain. “Cry boy, cry, cry boy, cry, cry boy” Bronski Beat ♪ Smalltown Boy

Xah Music Blog Archive 2013-04

while you were in jail, i've been taking care of your wife.

college electric youth  a real hero  drive

“A Real Hero”, Movie “Drive”

鄧麗君 《胭脂泪》 (Rouge Tears)

A grassroots story of men and women. A eternal classic. Be sure to check the ending seqence, starting at 3:00. A kinda philosophical gesture. Black Eyed Peas ♪ My Humps

Portishead ♪ Glory Box

孟庭苇 《谁的眼泪在飞》 (Tears Fleet)

James Brown “It's a Man's World”

美少女战士 《月光舞曲》 Sailor Moon Theme Song

“绿草苍苍,白雾茫茫,有位佳人,在水一方。绿草萋萋,白雾迷离,有位佳人,靠水而居。” 鄧麗君 《在水一方》 (the Girl Yonder)


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