Xah Music Blog Archive 2014-10

Xah Music Blog Archive

Do nations go to war over woman? Sure. Men do. In highschool, in tribes, in kingdoms, gangsters. Sheena Easton ♪ Strut

Dreary, dismal, depressing — small. Portishead ♪ Small

VNV Nation  doll face  Andrew Huang

VNV Nation ♪ Illusion

Mozart's Turkish March on Drugs

“Nights in White Satin” for a nice Sunday. Cuz i ♥ u. Yes i ♥ u. O how i ♥ u.

Radiohead ♪ Creep (updated)

body language explained. Observe their looking and observation. Anya Marina ♪ Whatever You Like, Gossip Girl

Portishead ♪ Roads

those who enjoy abusive lover, the question is, to leave or not to leave? Portishead ♪ The Rip

Elfen Lied ♪ Lilium

Songs and Humanity