Xah Music Blog Archive 2014-11

Xah Music Blog Archive

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Just The Right Amount of Wrong

Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element

謝金燕 《姐姐》 (Sister)

Dr Strangelove. War. Vera Lynn “We'll Meet Again”

Piano: Amen the Awakening

王菲 《光之翼》 (Wings of Light)

DJ Sharpnel - “Blue Army” (Song from Dance Dance Revolution)

Smile.dk - “Butterfly” (Song from Dance Dance Revolution)

I'm hot as a fire burning bright I feel as empty as air.
Distractions and spirit find me floating in a magnetic sea.

revisiting Blondie ♪ Magic

Japanese Folk Song ♪ Asadoya Yunta


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  10. 歌观人
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