Xah Music Blog Archive 2016-01

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Cigarettes After Sex ♪ I'm a Firefighter

Mazzy Star ♪ Flowers in December

Mazzy Star - “Look on Down from the Bridge” from “Rick and Morty”

cute, girl, big pianist. Interview, in a casual manner. Yuja Wang.

Yuja Wang - Living the Classical Life: Episode 14

Jessie J ♪ Bang Bang

Liszt: Etude #3, Un Sospiro

Schubert Impromptu in G Flat

Rick and Morty Songs

Mozart's Turkish March on Drugs

David Bowie 1947 to 2016

David Bowie died, on Jan 10th. Cancer. ☹

Ground Control to Major Tom, Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong, Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Chopin, Funeral March


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