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another brainless frenzy Darude - “Sandstorm”

Tez Cadey - “Seve”

Electro House Music

Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela)

learn to read music

music notation sample

if you never learned those ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬, here's the basics. understanding-basic-music-theory-3.74.pdf

don't be scared by the title. Just scan the first chapter.

O Fortuna

Prince - “1999” added my story.

Prince - “Pop Life”

Prince - “I Would Die 4 U”

Prince - “Little Red Corvette”

Prince, died, at age of 57. (June 7, 1958 to April 21, 2016)

cause of death seems to be natural cause but unexpected.

Shiela E's comment.

Here's one of my fav, Prince - “Kiss”

Leslie Howard Complete Liszt Titles

Beautiful Girls Playing Piano, Facial Expressions

Bjork, Weird

舊夢何處尋, Simon and Garfunkel - “El Condor Pasa”

薛家燕 《再會吧十七歲》 (Byebye Seventeen)

A-Ha - “Take on Me”

我一見你就笑 I Smile When I See You - 鄧麗君 (Teresa Teng)

wow, this is the youngest Teresa Teng in video i've ever seen.

there exist such lovely creatures.

鄧麗君 《晶晶》 (Teresa Teng, Jing Jing) (updated)

Jennifer Rush - “The Power of Love” (repost)

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