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Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Fugue #4

Asian Girl Singing Jingo Bells

《新套马杆》 (Horse Catcher) (now English translation)

the classic 90s female wailing

James Brown “It's a Man's World”

The Zombies ♪ Time Of The Season

Queen ♪ Bohemian Rhapsody now, best piano cover

Hottest Pianist on Stage with Hooker Skirt

网上的渣渣,《上海滩》 英文翻译没好的。还是要看李杀的。

《上海滩》 The Bund (of Shanghai)

Gwen Stefani ♪ What You Waiting For

Fantastic Dilapidated Piano Play

B Who I Want 2 B

Rachmaninoff Moment Musicaux Opus 16 #4

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Yoko Kanno ♪ Moon (Gundam) (updated)

Electro Dance Music, MPIA3

Lali ♪ Boomerang

Puddles Pity Party

《初恋女》 (Maiden Love) (updated.)

Bronski Beat ♪ Smalltown Boy (new video added)

Interview with a Vampire, Lestat Sonata (updated)

Liszt, Canzone

Liszt, Years of Pilgrimage (now complete)

Vera Lynn “We'll Meet Again” (apropos)

《蔓莉》 Manli (old Chinese song, 1943)

Blondie ♪ Rapture (repost)

The Last Kind Word Blues (remember, everybody needs love.)

Björk ♪ Bachelorette

Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire

Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

The Little Mermaid ♪ Poor Unfortunate Souls (updated)

Diva Dance Song from The Fifth Element

Macross Plus “Voices”

Macross Plus ♪ the Borderline (updated with video)

Rain Man soundtrack, all songs are great. Belle Stars ♪ Iko Iko

Jefferson Airplane ♪ Bear Melt

Koop ♪ Strange Love

Grace - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: Piano Duet

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Just The Right Amount of Wrong

Initial D ♪ Heartbeat

王菲 《匆匆那年》 (That Fleeting Year)

萧亚轩 ♪ “And I Know” (old Chinese song. Video update)

Snake River Conspiracy ♪ Love Song

Snake River Conspiracy ♪ You And Your Friend (updated with original)

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