Caramell ♪ Caramel Dancing

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Caramelldansen (), a hugely popular song on the internet, by the Swedish band Caramell.

Caramelldansen badly translated to English for humor. Buy at amazon
caramel dancing
caramelldansen-popotan caramelldansen
caramel dancing asian girl
Asian girl caramel dancing
caramel dancing 2 blonde girls
2 blonde girls caramel dancing

Caramelldansen Original

Here's the original (slower) song.

Caramell - “Caramelldansen”. (original)

The name for the popular sped-up version is “Caramell - “Caramelldansen” (Speedycake Remix)”.

Caramelldansen Real Life

Caramell Dancing, by jplover363
Caramell Dancing, by PurSkye
Caramell Dancing, by arillina
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