- “Butterfly” (Song from Dance Dance Revolution)

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Butterfly ( song) by - “Butterfly” butterfly
Smile dk  by James Franzen  37590 〔art by James Franzen,
Smile dk  Veronica Almqvist  Malin Kernby
Veronica Almqvist (left), Malin Kernby is originally named Smile, is a group from Sweden. change group members over the years, but Veronica Almqvist remained.

Butterfly is a Bubblegum dance. genre. Bubblegum dance is a subgenre of Eurodance music. The genre is characterized by cute lyrics and happy sounds. Bubblegum dance usually has a more pop sound than other Eurodance.

original - “Butterfly”. Veronica Almqvist and Nina Boquist. butterfly
《Butterfly '09 (United Forces Airplay Edit)》, sung by Veronica Almqvist and Malin Kernby. (2009) butterfly

Butterfy Lyrics

Ai yai yai …
Where's my samurai?

I'm searching for a man
All across Japan
Just to find, To find my samurai

Someone who is strong
But still a little shy
Yes I need, I need my samurai

Ai yai yai
I'm your little butterfly
Green black and blue make the colours in the sky

I'm searching in the woods
And high upon the hills
Just to find, To find my samurai

Someone who won't regret
To keep me in his net
Yes I need, I need my samurai

Ai yai yai…
Where's my samurai?
Butterfly 09 cover
Butterfly 09 cover. artwork

Smile dk 66853
Smile DK
Smile dk  party around the world
Smile DK
Smile dk kimono  by James Franzen
Smile Dk in Kimono. 〔art by James Franzen, from

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