Jane Zhang ♪ Dust My Shoulders Off

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the visual arts, bedazzle our eyes, and girl's makeup, sway our dicks.

Here we have, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Andrew Wyeth, Seurat, Munch, Dali, Escher, and the green apple in man's face. Only the elite can understand.

Jane Zhang - Dust My Shoulders Off Jane Zhang - Dust My Shoulders Off
Dust My Shoulders Off

Just had a bad day
Had car trouble on the highway
My stupid boss don't like me
Spilled hot coffee on my blue jeans
I'm low on money and ain't shit funny
But it's still sunny outside
So I keep smiling, I won't start wilin'

(I just keep living my life)

Can't keep me down, me down
(It's only temporary)
Can't make me frown, me frown
(So I ain't even worried)

Cause the world keeps spinnin'
Life goes on and on
I won't cry for long
(Won't cry for long long long)

Cause I'll still be winnin'
When things are going wrong
I turn on my favorite song
And dust my shoulders
(I dust my shoulders off) x3
I don't worry 'bout nothing, just dust it off
(I dust my shoulders off) x3
I don't worry 'bout nothing, just dust it off

You can't find your girlfriend
Your boyfriend left you
But the party's still going on
Everybody here is saying “Dust your shoulders off”
See him kissing in the kitchen by the bathroom
But you don't let it phase you
Go and hit the bar up, go and key his car up
And tell him that it's karma




I ain't tripping off of drama
All about my numbers
Tell him get up out my face
You don't even know me
You don't even know me
Save it for another day


No big deal
Win some and lose some
And life gets real
Won't last forever
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Escher, “ascending descending”

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