Portishead ♪ Glory Box

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A masochistic wail of lovelorn female — Glory Box by Portishead.

Portishead - “Glory Box”. Video by Jonu. Buy at amazon
Portishead - “Glory Box” (Roseland NYC)
I'm so tired of playing,
Playing with this bow and arrow.
Gonna give my heart away,
Leave it to the other girls to play,
For I've been a temptress too long.


Give me a reason to love you,
Give me a reason to be a woman,
I just wanna be a woman.

From this time, unchained,
We're all looking at a different picture.
Through this new frame of mind,
A thousand flowers could bloom.
Move over and give us some room.


So don't you stop being a man,
Just take a little look from outside when you can.
Show a little tenderness,
No matter if you cry.


For this is the beginning of forever and ever.

It's time to move over.

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