House of the Rising Sun

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“House of the Rising Sun” . Meaning, prostitute house. A place of dreams, of desperation, pleasure, and business.

the animals - House of the Rising Sun House of the Rising Sun
There is a house in New Orleans.
They call the Rising Sun.
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy.
And God I know I'm one.

My mother was a tailor.
She sewed my new blue jeans.
My father was a gamblin' man.
Down in New Orleans.

Now the only thing a gambler needs.
Is a suitcase and trunk.
And the only time he's satisfied.
Is when he's on a drunk.

O mother tell your children.
Not to do what I have done.
Spend your lives in sin and misery.
In the House of the Rising Sun.

Well, I got one foot on the platform.
The other foot on the train.
I'm goin' back to New Orleans.
To wear that ball and chain.


“The House of the Rising Sun” is a traditional folk song, sometimes called “Rising Sun Blues”. It tells of a life gone wrong in New Orleans.

The most successful commercial version, recorded in 1964 by the English rock group The Animals, was a number one hit in the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Finland, Canada and Australia.

House of the Rising Sun

“House of the Rising Sun” Cover — Holly Henry
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