Eurythmics ♪ King and Queen of America

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

And here's a piece, against America.

Eurythmics, the King and Queen of America
Well c'mon darlin'
The stars are burning bright
C'mon now darlin'
Our lick is good tonight -
'Cause we're the all time Winners
In the all time loser's game

Yea we're the all time winners
And here we go again
The king n queen of America…

Yea it's the king of nothing
And the queen of rage
With a pile of confusion
Upon a glittering stage

You know we never did anything
To make ourselves feel proud
You know we never did anything
So let's play it loud

Let's hear it for the -
King n queen of America…

So c'mon darlin'
There's a big moon in the sky -
We're gonna build
A little satellite -
We're gonna make it fly…
We're gonna send it up to heaven
All the way up to the stars
And all of them aliens
Are gonna find out
Who we are -
We're talkin' 'bout the
King n queen of America

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