Prince - “Baby I'm a Star”

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Baby I'm a Star - Prince. Prince, Purple Rain
Baby I'm a Star
Prince, The Revolution

One, two, three, four
Hey, look me over
Tell me do you like what you see?
Hey, I ain't got no money
But honey I'm rich on personality
Hey, check it all out
Baby I know what it's all about
Before the night is through
You will see my point of view
Even if I have too scream and shout
Baby I'm a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but I are, I'm a (star)
I don't want to stop, 'til I reach the top
Sing it (We are all a star!)
Hey, take a listen
Tell me do you like what you hear?
If it don't turn you on
Just say the word and I'm gone
But honey I know, ain't nothing
Wrong with your ears
Hey, check it all out
Better look now or it just might be too late (just might be too late)
My lucks gonna change tonight
There's gotta be a better life
Take a picture sweetie


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