Adele ♪ Rolling in the Deep

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A very cute young girl, singing “Rolling In The Deep”. Watch the ending 10 seconds. It's called precocious.

Vazquez Sounds, Adele - “Rolling In The Deep” “Vazquez Sounds, Rolling In The Deep” Buy at amazon

Vazquez Sounds is a family group. Very nice.

Following is another cute girl, singing in a cappella style. (A cappella means without instrumental accompaniment.) To be able to sing in a cappella style means you gotta have voice talent. She's also flirtatious.

Ariana Grande ♪ Rolling in The Deep Ariana Grande

This chick Ariana Grande (born 1993), is now a superstar.

Here's Adele singing it.

Adele ♪ Rolling in the Deep

Lousy flat song. Mundane lyrics. Dull music video. Adele's version is the worst.


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