Chopin, Prelude Opus 28 #24

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Unforgiving, is the last 3 notes. The knells of death.

Chopin - Prelude Op. 28 #24. Played by Yuma Osaki.
Chopin - Prelude Op. 28 #24. Played by Martha Argerich. Chopin Prelude Op. 28 Martha Argerich

Martha Argerich is the best interpreter of this piece. Note her extreme clarity.

Music sheet. Chopin, Prelude Opus 28 #24. Played by Evgeny Kissin.

Also, for this piece to shine, you need a bright piano. Each note is strong as steel. Feel the unforgiving twang of the steel. Mellow Steinway can go home.

Compare to Liszt Transcendental Etude #12

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