Piano: Amen the Awakening

By Xah Lee. Date:
Amen; The Awakening — Waterfall

This music is part of the small remnants of the music found in the cancelled game “Amen; The Awakening”. It was cancelled in 2000, leaving all of Jeremy and Julian's brilliant music in storage to collect dust.

I shall bring this music out for everyone to enjoy and discuss, feel free to leave a comment about the game, or your support on the opinion that this music should all be released.

I cannot provide any download link, because the music was hard for me to find, and a lot of it gets mixed up with pieces of music from other games.

Amen; the Awakening — Memory of First Touch
Amen; the Awakening — Gift of Death
Amen; the Awakening — CLC
Amen; the Awakening — Mysterious Attacker

Depression and Despair

  1. Bach, Marcello, BWV 974
  2. Chopin, Funeral March
  3. Piano: Amen the Awakening
  4. Requiem for a Dream Theme Song
  5. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: Piano Duet

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