Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: Piano Duet

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Corpse Bride (2005) is a great animation film, directed by Tim Burton.

Corpse Bride piano duet 81613
Scene from Tim Burton's - “Corpse Bride”. Corpse Bride
“Corpse Brde Duet, played by ear”. (Uploaded by thsalvo on Sep 18, 2006) Great skill in arrangement and ear training, worthless playing technique.
“Corpse Bride”. O, the coyness! (Uploaded by ejnyebejnye on Dec 1, 2007)

Corpse Bride

Depression and Despair

  1. Bach, Marcello, BWV 974
  2. Chopin, Funeral March
  3. Piano: Amen the Awakening
  4. Requiem for a Dream Theme Song
  5. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: Piano Duet

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