Liszt Transcendental Etude #12

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Inescapable darkness and gloom. Each note is a knifing on your heart. It repeats, over and over, with greater intensity and sternness. Forces of nature in execution sans mercy.


Liszt Transcendental Etude #12. Played by Jorge Bolet. Buy at amazon

Jorge Bolet is the best interpretater of Liszt's transcendental etudes. Plain precision is the key, emotion be ban'd.

Liszt Transcendental Etude #12.
Liszt Transcendental Etude #12. Played by Miroslav Kultyshev.
Liszt Transcendental Etude #12. Played by Valentina Lisitsa.

For more about this piece, see: Piano Scale Practice; Liszt Transcendental Etude #12.

[see Augustness, Austerity, Pain and Suffering: 4 Piano Pieces to Die For]

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