Liszt, Years of Pilgrimage

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Mystic, picaresque, epic poems of SUFFERING.

Liszt - Années de pèlerinage. Première année: Suisse, S. 160 [André Laplante]

Liszt, Years of Pilgrimage

The Years of Pilgrimage, is expansive, just epic!

Années de pèlerinage (French for Years of Pilgrimage) (S.160, S.161, S.163) is a set of three suites for solo piano by Franz Liszt. Much of it derives from his earlier work, Album d'un voyageur, his first major published piano cycle, which was composed between 1835 and 1838 and published in 1842.[1] Années de pèlerinage is widely considered a masterwork and summation of Liszt's musical style. The third volume is notable as an example of his later style. Composed well after the first two volumes, it displays less virtuosity and more harmonic experimentation.

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